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ホテル& ゲストハウス

Tourist Attractions in Kyoto

Philosopher's path (Tetsugaku-no-Michi)
Walking path along a small canal famous for its cherry blossoms
Southern end: (10 min. from Chabad)
Northern end: 

Traditional Japanese architecture and garden (originally a villa of a politician, now run by Kyoto City)​
10 min. walk from Chabad

Kyoto City Zoo
6 min. walk from Chabad

Keage Incline ex-Railway for Biwa Lake Canal
Another spot good for strolling to enjoy a tranquil atmosphere. Famous for its cherry blossoms in spring. An industrial heritage site.

Kyoto Handicraft Center
Experience the making of traditional Japanese crafts.
10 min. from Chabad

Kyoto Museum of Crafts and Design
Kyoto traditional crafts.
13 min. from Chabad

Imperial Palaces and Villas
Kyoto area has 4 facilities of the Imperial Bureau open to tourists. Some of them require application beforehand to visit. 
"Gosho" palace:

Nijo Castle
A villa/castle of Shogun (the ruler of Japan in the 17th-19th centuries)

Kyoto Aquarium
Japanese aquatic lives including giant salamanders can also be seen.

Kyoto Railway Museum
From steam locomotives to Shinkansen.

Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden
Public botanical garden since 1924 (entrance fee: about 200 yen).
Garden layout:

Second-hand outlet Kimono shop.
Shop Twitter:

You can enjoy shopping at the 100 yen shop just next to Chabad. 

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