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Chabad of Japan invites you to A family friendly Shabbat experience in Tokyo or Kyoto

🍽 Kabalat Shabbat and meal: 40 minutes after lighting Shabbat candles
📖 Morning services: 10:00 am. | Kiddush & Cholent 12:00 pm.


🕯🕯 Shabbat Candle-Lighting Times in Kyoto Click here

Reservation for Shabbat meals at Chabad Tokyo

🕯🕯 Shabbat Candle-Lighting Times in Tokyo Click here

Shabbat meals

Hotels close to Chabad

The hotels closest to Chabad Kyoto
Click here

The hotels closest to Chabad Tokyo
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Kosher catering meal service
Can be delivered or eaten at Chabad
Also You can order delivery of a Shabbat meal from this menu

Menu and prices
  • Breakfast - $36

Omlette, bread rolls, fruits, sliced vegetables and jam

  • Lunch - Sandwich - 14$

(2 bread rolls) Omlette / hummus / tuna / egg salad

  • Basic Dinner - Bento fish - 25$

main, side dish, 1 bread roll

  • Falafel set - 25$

salads, french fries, falafel, bread rolls

  • Dinner - Fish (Meal) Bento - 50$

salads, 2 side dish, main dish, bread rolls

  • Meat (Meal) Bento - 65$

salads, 2 side dish, main dish, bread rolls

  • Upgraded to Rib Steak - $25

  • Additions:
    Bread roll - 2$

    Sushi -
    (Depends on the chef's availability)
    Ume Plate (20 pieces): $55
    Sakura Plate (30 pieces): $80

  • A bottle for Kidush - 35$

1) Prepaid.
2) The prices do not include tax.
3) Order needs to be places at least 3 days in advance.
4) The cancellation policy as stated in the regulations on the website.
5) For any food allergies, please message us.


Pay attention to where you order from:
Chabad Kyoto                         Chabad Tokyo

Delivery in Kyoto - 25$

Delivery in Tokyo - 50$

Kosher meal

Koshar Omakase meal
Full Japanese meal
(Depends on the chef's availability)

Pay attention to where you order from:
Chabad Kyoto           Chabad Tokyo                                                

Our address

Our address
you will find us easily

Chabad Kyoto

Chabad Tokyo


High Holidays
Come and celebrate the holidays together with Chabad in a family and unique atmosphere

Register to participate with Chabad Kyoto:
Register to participate with Chabad Tokyo:

Be a part of the Chabad Japan family!
Our Chabad House depends on donations from kind people like you

Chabad Kyoto

Chabad Tokyo

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